Seven Ways To Recover Quickly From A Sunburn


You underestimated the heat outside, and now you are regretting it. Do not worry; we have a solution for all your problems. We are going to list down advises from very renowned dermatologists to help you recover from the sun burns.



  1. Wear loose fitting clothing

When your skin in burnt, your body tries to self-heal by increasing the blood flow to the site. It helps the skin to breathe properly. Thus it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing if you get sunburn.

  1. Take a pill

Pills such an aspirin or Ibuprofen acts as anti-inflammatory agents. So in order to reduce swelling and redness, take a pill. In the initial hours of the burn, the body produces extra inflammatory products to the site. Thus and increased blood flow and anti-inflammatory agents help side by side to reduce the pain as well as swelling.

  1. Chill out

This is the most commonly practiced being performed when burnt. Cool the site in order tot brings the temperature down. Use cold water to rinse the site carefully, or you can soak the whole body in cold water. Alone water can also be irritable at times to the skin, so you can add soothing milk to the bath or use any milk based bath soap.

  1. Resist popping

Blisters are formed when the innermost layer called the debris is separated from the other layer, called epidermis. You may be tempted to pop those blisters but don’t pop them. These blisters contain some kind of water which acts as a growth and healing agent.  If you pop, you will lose the natural barrier your skin has formed to protect the inner layer of your skin from the outside environment which contains all kind of bacteria. Soak a washcloth in a bowl of milk and add some ice. Let it rest on the site of the burn (do not rub). Milk helps to soothe the inflammation, and the ice will lower the temperature at the site. Thus making blood vessels contract and they will be less swollen.

  1. Salve yourself

Use aloe vera or soy based products to help you feel relaxed and reduce inflammation. When your skin is overexposed, it is more likely to be able to catch infections. So use cream bases and avoid the alcohol based lotions and moisturizers. You can use the creams after your cold bath so that the skin retains the moisture. If the burn site is your face, you can also use a cold sheet face mask. It will help to reduce inflammation and dehydration of the skin.

  1. Added soothing

If you have tried all the above remedies and nothing seems to be working. It’s time to use something strong. You can use over the counter hydrocortisone which is anti itch cream. It can reduce inflammation to the burnt site and eases the pain.

  1. Hands off

Blisters break off naturally, but when they do try not to rub them off or pick or peel them. They are actually the barrier to the damaged and burnt the inner layer of the skin. To ease this process, you can use top to toe cream which contains ceramides and lipids.